Help Teach Teens: Math Counts Every Day

Many parents may admit math was not their favorite subject in high school. Many may also admit that math now plays an important role in their lives and careers-and will be necessary for their own children’s futures.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2014, 6.3 million jobs will require science, engineering or technical training-24 percent more than in 2004. These statistics show that today’s middle and high school students will need a strong math background to be competitive in the job market.

Spending time with teens to make math relevant to them now can help them build strong math competencies to achieve success later. So how can parents engage their teens in math-focused activities that both can enjoy?

Here are tips to help parents capture their teens’ and preteens’ interest and make math matter in many ways, through encouragement, entertainment and empowerment.

Make It Real

Leading by example is a powerful influencer. Showing how math is used everyday can help teens understand its importance to their every day lives outside of the classroom. Are you cooking dinner tonight? Have your teen measure out the ingredients and ask questions on measurements if a recipe was doubled. Need to pay the bills? Have them do the math to calculate balances and budgets. Ready to purchase your teen’s first car? Sit down with him or her to figure out financing, insurance rates, monthly gas expenses and maintenance costs.

Turn On The Television

Use examples from TV and movies to show how math can be entertaining and exciting. One program that mixes entertainment with education is “We All Use Math Every Day™,” which provides free lessons based on the math used to solve crimes in CBS’ hit series “NUMB3RS” on Friday nights. More than 28,000 teachers around the nation have signed up for this program for high school students developed by Texas Instruments in partnership with CBS and in association with the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Order a pizza, tune into the show with your teen, and discuss how math helped solve the crimes to make a Friday TV night that’s both fun and educational. If your child’s teachers aren’t using the classroom activities, encourage them to do so. Visit numb3rs for details, as well as more parenting tips from education experts.

Take A Trip

Many popular tourist attractions also help stimulate young minds. When traveling on a family vacation or simply exploring the sights in your own town, visit math and science exhibits in museums, learning centers, colleges or zoos to show how math relates to teens’ interests and hobbies.

When on vacation, ask your teen to create the day’s agenda, calculate the shortest walking or driving routes to visit the attractions, or figure out currency exchange rates.

Test The “Truth”

Beyond balancing a checkbook, math teaches analytical and problem-solving skills that are necessary throughout life. Showing teens how to challenge what they are told by analyzing facts and figures in the media and on the Internet will teach them to test statements and think beyond conventional wisdom. Go through the newspaper or online news sites and discuss articles or current issues of interest to your teen. Challenge them to re-create the statistics used to support each side of a debate, or to double-check the charts and graphs for accuracy.

Take the Maximum

Helping teens plan their math education early on can make an impact on their educational and career opportunities later in life. The requirement for a strong math background is no longer just for engineers and scientists, and parents must plan ahead to ensure that their teens are prepared, no matter what career they choose.

Just like English and reading, math coursework builds on concepts learned in earlier grades. Teens need to take a math class every year from middle school through graduation to ensure the most opportunities remain open to them later in life. Know what math courses the schools offer and encourage teens to take classes that challenge them every year, regardless of their school’s minimum requirements.

By working with teens to show how math is relevant every day, parents can help ensure their children’s personal and professional success in the future.

Austin Multiplexes For Sale – Great Investment Opportunities

With the current economic problems, housing prices have really taken a hit. It’s not expected to change in the next few months, but most economists expect great changes in housing values in the next couple of years. If you are selling a home today, you probably are going to have a difficult time getting the amount you want. Banks have made it difficult for many people to obtain financing, but for those that do, it’s certainly a buyer’s market. If you are considering investing in real estate today, it’s a wise choice in most metropolitan areas.

Austin, Texas is definitely one of the most diverse metropolitan areas in the South. You’ll find all types of property for sale here, including modern homes, multiplexes, luxury homes, and even some fantastic lakefront homes. For those looking for Austin multiplexes for sale, one of the best places to begin is by the University of Texas. There are dozens of multiplexes here, from duplexes to large apartment buildings. Many parents will purchase one of these properties so that their children can live in it while going to school. They will have a great investment property out of the transaction, as well. These properties never have a lack of renters and while the turnover can be high at the semester’s end, there is always someone else ready to move in.

You will find that many of the Austin modern homes for sale are located in master planned communities. Many are gated, ensuring a higher level of security for the residents. Some of these communities are located right on Lake Austin and are some of the most sought after in Austin. Several of these communities are fairly new, ensuring that the architecture, amenities, and surroundings are very modern. You’ll love the natural beauty of many of these communities, as well as the parks, biking and hiking trails, and swimming pools. Elegant and elaborate clubhouses become focal points for neighborhood gatherings. The best that Austin has to offer can be found here.

You’ll need to get in touch with a great realtor. Not only will they be able to direct you to some of the best neighborhoods for what you are looking for, they can also show you available properties, negotiate with sellers, and finalize the sale. You can search through local newspapers, drive endlessly throughout the city, or spend hours on the internet looking at listings or you can meet with a realtor and have several possibilities within minutes.

When you are looking for some of the best Austin modern homes for sale, you’ll be quite pleased. There are many to choose from, but you’ll want to act quickly when you find one that you love. If not, it’s likely that the property you want will already be sold. People are buying up Austin multiplexes for sale quickly, as it’s never been a better time to make such an investment.

Texas Auto Insurance Useful Hint

If you are searching for information related to Texas Auto Insurance or any other such as Cash Back Visa Credit Card, CSAA Auto Insurance, Millers Mutual Insurance, Quick Online Car Insurance Quotes, Find A Cheap Car Insurance or Discounted Car Insurance you have come to the right article. This piece will provide you with not just general Texas Auto Insurance information but also specific and helpful information. Enjoy it.

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Buying auto insurance can be very expensive these days, but it is possible to reduce the overall costs a little and still make sure that you have all of the necessary insurance coverage for your car or automobile just in case you ever need it. Of course, one of the main things to consider when it comes to finding cheaper auto insurance is the type of car that you drive. After all, if you are driving a large powerful sports car that goes extremely fast and normally tends to encourage people to drive in an accelerated manner then chances are good that you will be required to pay a much higher car insurance premium based on the tendency for sports car owners to more than likely make insurance claims. So, naturally, if you own a smaller and less powerful car than it will most likely be cheaper for you to insure that vehicle which is based on the history of those types of car owners.

Prior to purchasing an auto insurance policy get as many price quotes as possible from different companies. This can be done online, through visiting the agencies personally or through an agent. Always go with a company which is financially stable.

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Switch drivers – For married couples, compare insurance quotes between the male as the main driver and the female as the main driver. You may get a lower quote if the female is insured on a truck and the male is insured on the minivan. Teens should also be insured on safer cars such as the family sedan, rather than a sports car.

While traffic tickets and auto accidents will increase your premiums, most insurance companies offer deductions to drivers with clean records. Also, some insurance companies will offer a price reduction if you attend a Driver Training School Program and your employer might even pay the cost if you use a company vehicle for your job. Training school discounts may vary between 7-10%.

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Better School Bus Flashing Lights Needed

Each year we hear about a lot of accidents where vehicles have rear-ended buses who are parked at their stops with people attempting to board the buses. Sometimes these buses are School Buses without children aboard. One recent think tank participant mentioned this after reading in the local paper of three such incidents involving city buses in a two-week period. That is just to many accidents to accept.

Having been in the bus washing business along with other types of transportation vehicles for some 27-years this has always concerned me as well. I think this is especially happening in places with visual sensory perception overload, all the signs and lights drown out the carbon stained flashing bus tail lights. People who are driving are looking around at everything else and those lights are dull because of the soot build-up on the backs of buses from the diesel fuel smoke. I remember the bus washing contracts we always had to put extra care into cleaning them, other wise you could not see these lights very well.

It seems the flashing lights are a smart idea, yet perhaps there should be some moving parts back there on the buses too, you see moving objects attract the eye and thus all the local signage competing for the attention of the brain and the eye are not able to compete with innate characteristics to notice and register motion and moving objects you see? So be thinking on this in 2006.

Update: On September 2, 2016 it was noted that in Texas some 100,000 incidents of motorists were caught on bus cameras ignoring Bus lights saying “Stop” and it was also revealed that some 25-50 students are struck and killed in TX due to this problem each year. Sometimes it is the student’s fault but more often people running the warning lights on the sides of the buses. In a strict enforcement of this problem the Great State of Texas has gone ahead and wrote 10,000 tickets already and school only restarted from the summer last week. Will it work?

The Department of Transportation says it should and the media coverage also helps, the message of ‘slow down’ appears to be working, now if we can get folks to stop text-messaging while driving even more pedestrians can be spared including some of our children. The DOT said; “It’s not just Texas where we have a problem, this is a nationwide challenge.”

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All Employees in the Texas Schools to Submit to Criminal Background Check

Since 2003, the Texas schools have required background checks for all newly hired teachers and certified employees. Anyone not falling into these two categories or hired before 2003 were not included in the background checks, though some school districts included them on a local basis.

In the fall of 2006, several newspapers investigated the quality of these background checks and found that the information was often incomplete or received weeks or even months after educators were hired. Here are some of the problems with the previous Texas schools system, according to an article on March 27 by the Dallas Morning News:

o The Dallas school district conducts checks, but they did not report the criminal histories of educators to a state agency within the required seven days. One teacher had received a deferred adjudication probation in 2002 for indecent exposure. A teacher’s aide had received probation in 2002 for endangering a child.

o Since 2003, more than 200 people, who sought to be certified as educators within the Texas schools, were found to have serious offenses in their pasts. These included sexual misconduct and crimes against children.

o As recently as the 2004-2005 school year, 66 certified Texas schools teachers were found to be registered sex offenders by the State Board for Educator Certification.

Senator Florence Shapiro (R-Plano) was appalled by the fall news articles that cited some Texas schools teachers had been arrested on sex charges and others with criminal records. Knowing that nothing is more important than the safety of Texas schools’ children, she decided to do something about the situation.

Shapiro introduced a bill that the legislature passed at the end of March. Now, all employees of the Texas schools must pass a national criminal background check. They all must submit to being fingerprinted for this procedure — new hires, all current employees, teachers to bus drivers, and administrators to janitors. Any employee with a sexual offense or felony against a child on their record will lose their job. New applicants with such records will not be considered. Anyone with a history of crimes against children will be barred from employment within the Texas schools.

The new law also establishes a new statewide clearinghouse for criminal background information. All state agencies and all districts within the Texas schools will have access to the database, which must be current within three years. The database will be housed in the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The new criminal background checks for all employees of the Texas schools and the creation of the clearinghouse is estimated to cost about $34 million. The state will pick up the tab for this one.

The Texas schools join 43 other states that require national criminal background checks for all educators.

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Adopt-a-School launches new programme at Umlazi school

Adopt-a-School Foundation launches its new Health, Sanitation and Sexual Education Programme at Ndukwenhle High School in Umlazi.
Adopt-a-School launches new programme at Umlazi school

Dr Tshepo Motsepe, the wife of Mr Ramaphosa, is the keynote speaker at this event. Dr Motsepe says that the well-known statistics require that we all take urgent action to enable our children and youth to have positive experiences whilst growing up. Meaningful interventions, such as the Health, Sanitation and Sexual Education Programme, would have far-reaching benefits in the lives of our future citizens.

“It is a privilege for me to join the honoured guests, learners, educators and parents, at Ndukwenhle High School, and to be involved with this programme launch,” said Dr Motsepe. “I sincerely urge you all to participate to the maximum in order to make the most of the opportunities to discuss important challenges and concerns that you might have.”

This new pilot programme, which is funded by supporters of Adopt-a-School Foundation, was developed to address the urgent need to focus on the challenges faced by high school learners in their puberty years. It also aims to educate and empower youth in South Africa to take responsibility to curb teenage pregnancy.

Participants will learn how to identify and manage the physical, hormonal and psychological changes that they will experience. This programme also provides a forum for the discussion of sensitive topics such as sex, sexuality and the prevention of STIs – including HIV and Aids. Awareness is also created about general health and hygiene.

20 other secondary schools, from various rural and township communities throughout South Africa, will also form part of this pilot programme – which will take place over the next two years. The two other schools in KZN are Inhlakanipho High School (KwaMashu) and Hlahlindlela Secondary School (KwaNgcolosi).

The health and well-being of learners is an integral part of Adopt-a-School Foundation’s Whole School Development (WSD) model, which seeks to address school infrastructure development, curriculum and co-curricular needs, leadership and governance and social welfare in the school environment.

Ndukwenhle High School has already benefitted, from WSD, through strategic planning, leadership and management, team-building and motivational interventions as well as assistance with social welfare issues – with appreciation to Grindrod as the school’s adopter.

“At Ndukwenhle, everyone is very happy to be included in the Whole School Development processes of Adopt-a-School Foundation,” commented Principal, Mr Nkosinathi Shandu. “We are already working in a more organised way and we are able to discuss the daily challenges that we face as educators, parents and learners.”

Adopt-a-School profiles its star matriculants

Pupils from schools supported by education NGO Adopt-a-School Foundation, shine in their 2015 matric examinations, rising above the difficult circumstances in their social and schooling environments.
Piet Monageng, Modilati Sec. School, Hammanskraal
Piet Monageng, Modilati Sec. School, Hammanskraal
Despite the average decline in national matric performance, Adopt-a-School is proud of the many matriculants from their adopted schools. These matriculants have, against many odds, performed well, achieving distinctions and university passes.

There is one distinguishing factor that separates these matriculants from their classmates: their inextinguishable thirst for learning, accompanied by a determined work ethic. Their X-factor is immediately recognised by their parents, their teachers and their peers and these young people, often surrounded by grinding poverty, a lack of resources and seemingly insurmountable disadvantage, will not be held back by their circumstances and are determined to realise their dreams.

Meet Dumisile Shongwe, the 23-year-old from Swaziland who took herself back to school after a five-year hiatus in which she worked to earn enough to rewrite Grade 11 and matric. Makhosini Buthelezi, headmaster of Vukubone Secondary School in Driefontein, Mpumalanga, said of his star pupil: “Dumisile is a brilliant learner – and is very successful at what she does. She knows what she wants in life, and makes a point of putting the building blocks in place to ensure that she gets what she wants.” And what she wants is to be a Governor of the Reserve Bank. Dumisile Shongwe has achieved 75% pass rate with two distinctions and two merits.

Mbali Madiya and Phumla Maphumulo, both from King Shaka High School in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal, have big dreams. Mbali wants to study Environmental Earth Science because she believes that all interactions between humans and natural resources needs to be rethought through. Mbali achieved her Bachelor Pass with three distinctions.

Phumla dreams of being a Marine Biologist and also earned a Bachelor Pass with two distinctions. Their teacher, Mrs Nomzi Dumisa, is as impressed with the girls’ devotion to study as she is by their altruism and their desire to motivate other learners. Now that the exams are over, while other matriculants are taking a hard-earned rest, these young people have taken temporary jobs.

Siyabonga Shange, 18, dreams of being an inventor – which is why he wants to study electro-mechanical engineering. From Kwamashu, Siyabonga has taken a job mowing lawns and working as a gardener to earn himself some pocket money. “I can’t ask my family for money. There is no money for them to give me! I have to earn money if I want to have it,” he said over the drone of a lawn mower. His hard work in 2015 has earned him three distinctions and a Bachelor Pass.

Stephen Lebere, Executive Director of Adopt-a-School Foundation, says, “We are proud to profile these exceptional young adults, who represent many more matriculants who have overcome their very difficult circumstances and produced excellent results, competing with some of the country’s top private schools. Over the coming weeks, Adopt-a-School Foundation will do a thorough analysis of the matric results in adopted schools to assess the impact made and where more focus is required.”

Banyana Mohajane, the Foundation’s Executive for Skills and Social Development, says, “What stands out among all of these pupils, is their attitude, their resilience and their accountability for their own futures. By taking responsibility for their futures, they have taken every opportunity that has come their way and exceeded against many odds. We are proud to have contributed to enabling these learners on their journey to realise their dreams.”

Below are 10 profiles that document the hopes and dreams of Adopt-a-School Foundation’s Star Matriculants. Fresh from having written their matric examinations, these academically excellent learners describe where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

Back to school to sow seeds of hope

Adopt-a-School Foundation and partners went back to school for a day to establish a vegetable garden and enhance the nutritional value of school lunches.
Adopt-a-School and partners at Tshilidzi Primary
Adopt-a-School and partners at Tshilidzi Primary
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In an effort to enhance the nutritional value of school lunches, Adopt-a-School Foundation mobilised its partners and teamed up with environmental NGO, Green Beings, to build a vegetable garden at Tshilidzi Primary School in Soweto.

This event was in celebration of the 2015 Back to School for a Day for Mandela Day initiative, which has taken place in disadvantaged schools country wide over the past week.

The Adopt-a-School team was joined by CEO of Mondi, David Hathorn, MD of DRA, Graham Smith, CEO of Shanduka Black Umbrellas, Seapei Mafoyane, and other partners in planting a vegetable tunnel to support the school’s feeding scheme. Foundation phase learners participated in the activity by planting indigenous trees in the school grounds. Green Beings trained three community members to care for the garden and ensure sustainability.

Basic nutrition is a critical part of a child’s ability to learn and develop at school and an important element of the Adopt-a-School Foundation’s Whole School Development model which aims to create a positive learning environment in disadvantaged schools.

The Back to School for a Day initiative was launched by Adopt-a-School Foundation at Tshilidzi Primary in 2012 as a call to South Africans to make a meaningful difference in disadvantaged schools.

Tshilidzi Primary School holds a special place in the history of the Foundation as it was the first school taken under its adoption programme. It is also the former school of the Foundation’s chairman, Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Going Back to School for a Day is a meaningful way to offer our youth recognition and encouragement, and to propel active citizenship,” Ramaphosa commented.

Since 2012 over 120 companies and thousands of individuals have joined the initiative and gone back to school for a day. Close on 200 schools and tens of thousands of school children have benefitted through career guidance programmes, debating workshops, literacy activities, motivational talks and a variety of school makeover projects.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation supports Back to School for a Day and endorses the initiative as a meaningful volunteer activity on Mandela Day. NMF’s CEO, Sello Hatang, says, “Education has always been a cause close to Tata’s heart and what better way to honour both his memory and his legacy.”

Green Beings is a non-profit and public benefit organisation that develops models for schools to demonstrate sustainable living and act as vehicles to integrate knowledge and skills into communities.

“We pride ourselves in identifying projects that are sustainable and reflect the values of our organisation. Our team has the sector knowledge and expertise to deliver high-impact solutions to make a lasting and meaningful difference to schools in Johannesburg,” said Marloes Dijkema, co-founder of Green Beings.

How To Enroll For The Best Online Traffic School

In this busy scheduled world people hardly get time to even follow the traffic rules. The reason why people prefer best online traffic school is because they might have got a traffic ticket and the court has suggested they take it. But this varies from state to state; you can take traffic school course in Texas to remove points from your DMV records.

The online traffic school in Texas has become popular now days, even internet becoming as popular as it has. Normally people take online traffic school courses because they receive traffic tickets or moving violation points on their driving record. This can even result in the loss of driver’s license. Some people do it because they believe it will help them lower the cost of their auto insurance. There are also young drivers who are forced by their parents after receiving a traffic violation or being in an accident. If you are still wondering that you are not so familiar with the computer, do not worry.

Traffic online course is really very easy to follow and user friendly. If you are still not convinced, try the course out. You can enroll by selecting the desired state with a related court jurisdiction. You need to provide your personal details in the registration form provided online. After the form is complete you can start with the course.

There are lots of advantages which you will get from this traffic school:

�The course is provided online, you do not have to go anywhere or sit in a class room for the whole day. You can complete the course anywhere and whenever you wish too. You can log in and log off at any time and if you’re wondering that you might miss the content, you can be rest assured that you will not miss a single lesson. It has been designed in such a way you can always go back to the same lesson and read it again. At the end of the course, a final exam is designed. If you do not understand the concept you can review the information from the lesson by using the online quizzes. This will help you in getting success in the exam.

�The insurance companies raise your premium if you increase the points on your license. If you reach a certain number of points your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked. If you fail to stop for a school bus, run a red light, or have been charged for reckless driving, or run a stop signal, you will be required by the judge to go to the traffic school in Texas. Most of the times people choose traffic school because it helps you to reduce your points and makes great economic sense in the long run. The less point you have on your driving record the better it is.

�Taking a traffic course to obtain a traffic school certificate is the only way to resolve a traffic citation in Texas. In many cases a traffic court order the violator to obtain certification to meet certain criteria. Traffic school certificate are only processed on business days (Monday to Friday). Traffic school certificate is sent to you or directly to the court. You can receive your certificate through courier or through mail.

If you choose the courier option your certificate will be sent to the address you have provided or directly to your court depending on your courts certificate requirements. If you select email to receive your California Online Traffic School certificate will be emailed to you. Your certificate will be sent as an attachment (PDF File). If you receive the email and you are unable to open the folder, it also contains a direct link to open the certificate.

If you require taking a print out its illegible do the following:

�First open your traffic school certificate in adobe acrobat.
�Secondly click on the file option and select print setup.
�Thirdly their will be two option 1. Portrait. 2. Landscape. Change the orientation to Landscape.
�Lastly Select OK and print the Certificate.

There are many advantages of joining a traffic school in Texas. The most useful of it is the reduction of auto insurance premium. Moreover you do not have to fight in the court of Texas for the traffic ticket. Every thing is taken care of by the traffic schools on your behalf. Thousands of people in Texas are satisfied that they have got the Best Online Traffic Schools. Just by taking an online traffic course, you will not only gain peace of mind but also pave your way to a clean driving record.

Traffic School In Florida

When you live in the state of Florida and you get a ticket; the process to determine what your options are can be a bit complicated. Your first option is to plead guilty and elect to take a traffic school course to avoid points going on your license. This is definitely the best option to avoid accumulating points in a time frame that could result in a suspended license or insurance premium increases. The important thing to remember with this option is that you are only allowed to take a traffic school course to avoid points five times in your lifetime. Once you have taken traffic school five times to avoid points, the points associated with your citation will be added to your record for a specified amount of time. Your second option is to plead guilty and allow the points to go on your record, but you may still be required by the Court to take traffic school if your citation was for reckless driving, racing, passing a school bus loading or unloading children, running a red light, or being involved in a crash with over $500 in damage. They call this being �State Required� to attend traffic school. Lastly, you can choose not guilty and request a court date to plea your case to the court. To avoid these adverse consequences, the best solution is to just drive safely, but if you get a ticket and you still are within your 5 traffic school elections, you may wish to attend a course at a traffic school in Florida in order to avoid getting points.

Attending Traffic School in Florida

Once you have officially notified the court of your intention to to attend a traffic school, it is extremely important to find a course that has been approved by the Florida DHSMV . The course that you take is designed to educate you about the rules of the road, about defensive driving to avoid crashes, and about good behaviors and practices while driving. When you take the class, ideally you will learn concepts that you can then put into use when you are behind the wheel in order to be safer and to keep other drivers on the road safer.

Choosing a Traffic School

Once you have decided to attend traffic school in Florida, the next step is to determine how you want to complete your course. You have two general options for taking the required drivers training classes: an in-person class and an online class.

An online class affords you many benefits over a traditional brick and mortar classroom when it comes to an online driving school. As long as the DHSMV has approved the course you selected, you will get the same benefits and credit that you would if you had to go to class in person, but you will be able to take the class anywhere and anytime instead of having to go to inconvenient physical location for a course. . Getting to take the class from home (or anywhere with internet access) at your own pace may make attending traffic school in Florida hassle bit more convenient.

Aside from convenience, the content in an online class is often presented in a more engaging way that allows for the use of video instead of a lot of reading or lecturing. This can make the process of learning how to be a better driver more enjoyable.

When you are ready to attend traffic school in Florida, be sure to check out approved online programs so you can benefit from these numerous advantages during your traffic course.